IEMT2022 Invited Papers

A Study on the Dynamic Bending Reliability of Chip-in-Flex and -Fabrics(CIF) Packages using Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) Materials for Flexible Electronic Applications
Prof. Kyung W. Paik (University Professor), KAIST
Characteristics and optimization fingerprint recognition on different materials using deep learning algorithm
Prof. Hsiang-Chen Hsu (University Professor), St. John’s University
Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Reliability of Solder Joints
Prof. Sung Yi (University Professor), Portland State University
2.5-3D Heterogeneous Packaging
Mr. Rav Bilkhu, onsemi
Silicon Photomultipliers for LiDAR Applications
Mr. Brian McGarvey (Member of Technical Staff), OnSemi
Technology features оf alumunium insulated metall baseplates for power electronics
Rona Besprozvannaya (R&D Chief), Rusalox
Evolution of Power Module Packaging Technologies
Dr. Shalu Agarwal (Technology and Market Analyst of Power and Wireless Division), Yole
From bare die to application: How packaging design choices influence the performance of power devices
Prof. Ulrike Grossner (Professor), ETH
Packaging of Discrete WBG Power Devices
Dr. Konstantin Kostov (Senior Scientist), RISE